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Heart of a woman can get a man with a variety of ways. Women who have good quality in terms of both physical and intellectual will be more difficult than with a physical and spiritual mediocrity. Because most men are basically like a quality and number of women who have a limited amount of good quality, then competition for women's dream of love between men is commonplace in the world of romance.
Here are the factors or the desirability of women / girls / women / girls from a man in general:
1. have the financial / money is good.
2. have a good physical appearance.
3. have a job and a bright future.
4. have the intelligence / intellectual good.
5. have the ability to lead and build a good house.
6. has a commendable attitude and behavior.
7. have the same mindset, vision and mission.
8. family background and life is good.
9. have contact or communication with a, etc..
Of course the things above are not many owned by a man in one package. Such men were highly coveted by many women. Same with men, women also hunt man who has the above criteria, and because of the limited amount of competition also continues to occur from time to time without stopping.
To get your heart and love for a girl or a widow who wanted the least Singles women / Singles men should have the things below:
1. Sincerity and seriousness of the heart that i love and love on the girl.
2. Faithful / faithfulness which can be given.
3. Honest / honesty of the essential heart and not artificial.
4. A good attitude and behavior toward others.
5. The future looks bright.
6. Communication with the fun of girls who are targeted.
So do not be a physical than the heart. The woman who was only pursuing the prestige of the men might be made aware that the money is not everything. Women who have not realized it would be difficult to approach. So if you include a mediocre or below the standard necessary to think back to conquer the woman.
Happiness is the key to assembling a bright future. Indicate if you are a serious guy and have a good attitude and behavior are not many men who have them. Create the conditions and atmosphere of fun when the woman in touch with us so he is comfortable to vent, talk here, nd others. Create communications that exist come from the deepest heart, not artificial.
Positive happiness in life in the world can be achieved by:
- quality family sakinah mawahdah warohmah
- Shalihah wife and children pious.
- a simple life on easy street and not greedy treasure.
- Preferred and have many friends who are ready to help in times of trouble.
- have enough stock for the next life in the hereafter.
- have high ideals and strive to achieve a healthy and well.
- be yourself, do not pretend in front of others.
- hobby to help others and happy to see other people happy.
things that should be kept away when choosing a woman / women to support life:
- just look at it without looking at physical traits, attitudes and behavior.
- impetuous in making important decisions.
- choose a girl who has vices like greed, matre, evil, cruel, and so on.
- have a different religion for the future of a quiet and peaceful.
- has the disease of birth and outside of the inner batar reasonable.
- cover up the original nature that only shows the theatrical pretense.
- not like a small child / infant.
- spoiled do not want to work hard and rely on other people.
- do not want to hear criticism, suggestions, feedback, comments or selfish, obstinate.
- have high emotions are not controlled.
- devout religion and want to set her husband.
Thus, female / female / girl / widow / women who are comfortable with us will be lazy to replace us and the rest is up to you. Women do not like being lied to and Be it as it is without artificial. A few tips / guidance from me, if there is input, criticisms and suggestions please just use the comment feature available.

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