Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Coconut fruit attractive to artists of the visual

Why is coconut fruit is so attractive to an ARTIST, and even to most cultures is always used as a positive representation? We may never know or Scouts with scouting symbol symbol coconuts and tunasnya. With a philosophy that is so deep, wise men and even gave an example of coconut as the totality of the usefulness or functionality which is useful for many people. Because the oil from the roots to the leaves begin to fairly useful for mankind. Coconut tree trunks for pillars that could, or foundations of buildings and bridges.
Coconut leaves are widely used to protect humans from the sun or rain. We also know a stick of bone that can be used coconut leaves into a broom. The part that probably many of the usability and usefulness are coconuts. In anatomy there is a layer of coconut fiber, which coat the fruit core is protected by a shell on the inside where there is a layer of meat and then the liquid-filled core.
But it turned out paintings of coconuts there is no direct relationship with ethnic identity. Coconuts for him to be a visual attraction alone, which he found around his house Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

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