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Understanding men only FOR ADULT WOMEN

1. Men Living Easier
Men easier way of life versus women. Kerana it, man is hard to understand if something
case was delivered in the form of allegory is like the female. Women love is like and hope mengkias
understand men, but men prefer if It is explained in language that is easily and clearly,
frank. If women are not clear about something case, ask openly to
2. Language Is Unlike man
The man talking to a different language. This causes men and women are difficult to communicate
between each other. What of his words, if he's talking to a woman, is berbeza than
meant. Inibukan means to her lying. So it is better for women to understand
man from what he was doing compared from what he said. The man did not taste good at birth
his heart in the form of words.
3. Men Like silence
Women berkebolehan to discuss something a sensitive subject and mendukacitakan as one
one way of dealing with realiti, but men still prefer to hide and silence.
4. Men Not Complex
If there are any signs that indicate that unlicensed person only men keep women mahu,
packing houses, providing food for him and do Jima 'is often with him, a woman
must believe that the man babawa mahu. This is not a means to think in a primitive man, but
he did so. Women commonly regarded as a complex man, but will actually
men is easy.
5. Do Forced Men
When the woman urged him to exert his feelings, maybe he will exert something
that she does not like to hear it. So it is better not to ask questions and probing to the
root tuber. It is better for a woman to read his body language, eyes, or sudden changes in
mode of treatment. If he's in his habits like reading but do not do it, perhaps on
when the thoughts were in turmoil.
6. Men Berahsia With Other Men
Not sebagaiana women are easier to talk with other women about the problem,
hope and doubt very rahsia and peribadi, is difficult for man to become intimate in
verbally in such a way. To do so, men need the strength and courage high.
7. Honesty Important for Men
If a man knows that unlicensed wife likes to tell other women about him, chances are the man
will no longer be intimate story about the things rahsia to his wife. Honesty is important for
man. He mahukan wife save rahsia-rahsia household.
8. Men Not Like criticized
Do not criticize a man, but if you are willing to bertikam with her tongue. The man is not so
open to accept criticism. Criticizing behind, for example to relatives or friends,
possible to circumvent konfrantasi immediately but he will feel angry as well where the matter
was delivered to him. A good way to criticize him is to berjenaka and soft.
How to criticize the man is different, and rarely done by men. When he criticizes mahu, years
and carefully selected circumstances. When reprimanded, the discussion was brief, not beremosi, and precise. For
women criticize men, lovely if criticism is combined with a little praise.
9. The man also Mahukan Sokongan
When he faced the problem and complained to women, women should tell him that free him
still needed. Men mahukan keselesaan feelings, support as well as the words "I cintakan brother ..."
and "Not about what happened, I stayed with brother .....".
10. Men and Ego
Busy man shows his ego in two days, first in the work, and the second on the bed. This
usually causes a woman to be bored. But the best woman's ego should memepertingkatkan
her husband. Women who graced the fire of love will enjoy the warmth of the fire of love. Men mahu
inform women that unlicensed donations diiktiraf and assessed. If you do not say so to him,
who else. If you mempertingkatkan male ego, she would make him feel happy and every
people around him will get the benefits especially loved.
11. Friends of The Most Good
Be the best friend to your husband, and he will become the best friend to
12. Men Will Be Without Beremosi
Between cases that exist on the will of man and woman is essential to be loved, and love as
replies. Emotional intimacy, unity of the soul not just the body, is the way love it
birth. It is not a single process, but is penglibatan simia and magical. Every human being
rely on emotional intimacy to a balanced and happy, most lack it necessary to
continue life. A place where men berbeza of women to men is on the permissibility intimate
in terms of sex without emotional intimacy. Interwoven or the relationship between these two cases namely sexual intimacy
(Passion) and emotional intimacy (love) is not important at busy man. Busy man gave
Low primacy to emotional intimacy. The man slowly reaches emotional intimacy versus
women. The man more quickly achieve sexual intimacy. Emotional intimacy intentions if there is a relationship
the meeting and honest between husband and wife. He may be regarded as important as sex more
satisfactory, but if no emotional intimacy, sex may be done also by men. Having sex without
emotional intimacy may cause stem semulajadi conflict between men and women. If the purpose
emotional intimacy is not met her before or after sexual samada, disappointment will hit
13. Men Like Menyelerak
Men are like menyelerakkan goods and hopes his wife will pack. Sometimes men
mahukan wife is like his mother. Although in most when he is the author who
commencement or continuation of something, sometimes mahu guarded by a 'mother'. He showed
kemahuannya it indirectly by menyelerak.
14. The man fed pass through his eyes
His eyes are considered the ultimate power ghairah. Then it then touch, and hiduan
rational thought to play a role. To warm up the relationship, wear clothes
menghairahkannya. This is not a meaningful send women into sex objects, in the household, both
elaki and wartita are sex objects. This is a big distinction between male and female plants ghairah.
Men tend to seek kehgairahan vision, while the woman rose from keghairahannya
impression on reading and imagination.
15. Pubic Expect Great
Size busy man hesitated about his testicles. Women also assume that unlicensed Size husband's penis is
necessary to satisfy himself. Although there are other ways besides Jima 'for sexual satisfaction, but women
berzakar prefer big man. This brings the impression of danger to man, and is wrong to
women think so, kerana it means to make that free men women as sex objects in terms of
big, small, long and short.
16. Place of the Most Sensitive Man in the penis
The body has a lot of libidinous Zon. The man still searching for her passion Zon. In the human body
punat there are some who may be touched and tested its sensitivity. For the male penis, under the head of the penis
is where the most sensitive nerve relationship rests. This place should be stimulated by a woman
well when having sex with her husband....

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