Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

The necklace

What do you feel like when you put on a necklace and look at yourself in the mirror? Do you smile and say "wow, I look great!" Or do you just say, "Oh God, this is horrible." Do you sometimes look at someone wearing the same necklace and they really look beautiful? Often people wear nice necklaces but never look good. This is because people wear wrong matches (the clothes don't match the necklace), or sometimes wear the wrong necklace for a particular function. Below are some tips on how you could look great in necklaces.

The size and length of your neck helps a lot in choosing what necklaces to wear. If you have a long neck, then wearing chokers would be the best for you. Chokers expose the beauty of your long neck and shoulders. They are the most popular. Try your best to avoid long necklaces, as they will only add more length to your neck.
If you are the short neck type, then make it appear longer. The best necklaces for you are the long ones. Long necklaces will add length to your short neck by making it appear longer. One style you should avoid is the choker, because it will make your neck appear shorter than it is already.

A combination of a V-neck top and a long necklace would really work, because the V- neck top will not only take away people's attention from the neck area, but will also give some exposure to your shoulders. Round faces also go well with long necklaces since they add length to the face.
For the business type, you may wear something sophisticated to create elegance, especially if you are going to a business dinner, so a matinee is the best answer for you.

When it comes to what you wear, look at the dress you want a necklace for and take note of the colors. Black, white and silver are normally easy to match but when you have a dress with many colors, it may be a little hard. Use the most outstanding colors on your dress to match with a necklace. If you get a brighter colored necklace than your dress, it will take all the attention to your neck so one needs to make a proper match to create harmony between the necklace and the dress. The length of the necklace will depend on the length of your neck and shape of your dress.

One big mistake people make is wearing two or more thick necklaces together, which then becomes ropelike and actually nullifies the beauty of each necklace.

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