Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


What women want is to feel safe - There are three main areas of protection that makes women feel safe, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A good guard dog to give the first, only a good man who can give the remaining two.

a. Spiritual - The best way to protect themselves spiritually to ensure you maintain your own spiritual health. The more your peace with the world, the more secure she feels in your world. In addition, the stronger your relationship with God, the more effectively you can love unconditionally.

b. Emotional - One way to protect your partner emotionally is to resist the explosion of anger and to avoid speaking harshly or hurtful words. The expression of anger is not healthy to create insecurity in a relationship. Uncontrolled anger is a form of control and intimidation. Intimidation continues to weaken trust in a relationship.
Also, when you're zoomed out to conquer your world, remember him trying to find where he would feel comfortable. Reassure him you realize he fears and your desire is to do anything to reduce risk in your life and that you want him to help and advise in the process.

What women want is to be appreciated - a consistent expression of affection made from time to time to help make women feel appreciated. Actions such as offering to help the tasks of daily (wash dishes, take the kids to school), communicating to him that he appreciated. These efforts speak louder to him than the income or the success you achieve in your career.

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