Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


# When run, the rear looks like not trample the soil. Group of women whose way berginjat, perhaps this woman is a woman who is not honest, when lying, his mouth laser and offend others. Women who walk like this is also famous for his ego attitude. Making matters worse, these women usually spender or like membazir money without thinking before shopping. In fact, the money was still a lot of uses. But do not be discouraged, kerana woman like this is usually a male idol.

# When run, often turned to the right and left. Women like this are usually good at keeping rahsia. Although busy woman who thinks like this is not honest, likes to deceive their own friends, and harm his friend, however, Byk man who tried to conquer his heart. It is said that women like this happy set.

# When you walk like duck How to walk such as this woman symbolizes the closed properties. He will only talk to people close to him and untrustworthy to keep secret. Women like this are usually difficult to ditakluk heart. Besides his cool, like this woman does not care about love life. However, if there is a charming man who succeeded him, is guaranteed to get happiness. Therefore, this type of very loyal woman, and she will not betray the man she loved.

# When you walk straight ahead. Women like this usually have a firm stance. Never oppose what he had said, if you do not want to hear him speak at length. Although its founding firm, but always disagree. Do not be surprised if women like this just want to talk with someone knowledgeable.

# When run agency moves to the right and left. Women who walked with such force that regardless of the prevailing problems. Whatever problems there are in front, is considered small. In fact the problem was actually require discretion in completing. Kerana who like to take a trivial nature, many issues are finally resolved and consequently can not hurt yourself.

# When you walk upright body appears this woman make up his own firm. He did not want other people interfered with his personal affairs. He spoke seriously, shows he has a firm stance. What's interesting about this woman, she is responsible for what he had done. She loved the man who independently without leaving the romantic qualities.

# When you walk like a giraffe. That is, when the foot, seemed to move forward and backward. Women of this type are very weak feelings. He's an easy feel and easily offended. So, when you talk to try to keep his feelings so as not to offend, this woman shed tears easily.

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