Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


Marry Soon a man will of my coworkers, WHO Nearly his head at the age of four female friends tease others happy WHO .. because the process of finding the candidate's wife that he lived was considered unusual that is through an arranged marriage by the tutor .. in the introduction was the candidate's wife or a husband called in advance ta'aruf the man or woman to submit a resume that is packed in the form of stories may be handwritten or typed and delivered through a third person ie tutor each, so there was hardly any equal opportunity know more once the nature and character of the prospective partner, but this is what he said word poet.
We tease him by asking "Sir, already know the properties do not like what that woman?"
he lightly replied "later also know yourself .."
"Oh no sir ... so here we are teaching is actually like what the nature of the woman"-do we want to open our secret to the father of this one .. and he listened enthusiastically
Listen sir, if you make a vegetable wife kept vegetables less salt, you do not Immediately say: eat less salt this vegetable ..! I guarantee it will be poured into the bowl of vegetables your head, sir "My supervisor open secret .. (some of us prefer to your communicate office)" so it told you how, then? "the father of curious
"Tell that the mother's mother is very good vegetables added a little salt would stay more comfortable .." notes ....!
"There again, if you wife was suddenly crying, crying like normal girls do not obviously so, do you spilled directly with the question of why she cries, you come any closer just hold her hand, stroked her hair .. or you just let her cry ..
if if he Had he stopped crying Would own story why she was crying as "an open secret girlfriends, father nodded.
"Continues to pack, most women when angry silence, so if the father's wife later suddenly quiet continues .. father must be careful lest there father attitude that makes him offended "I added .. "
Knew her husband, if his wife was angry how?" Asked the father "yes of silence, once asked only be answered as necessary or even not respond at all"
"If your wife again clean the house or wash dishes but she got angry, it means he ask for help you to help him do the housework" replied the cashier's mother
"But why did he get angry?" Asked curious dad
"girl was so pack, like angry if you've tired, just wrote him asking for help to her husband's prestige ... hahahah"said the mother cashier again and we agreed compact unashamedly
"when suddenly the chant loe so good pack and changed spoiled, that means he again seduce you make to buy something ..." the mother replied personnel
Our spontaneous answer .. "ya right ... ... hahahaha"
note: Hopefully a family sakinah, mawaddah, warahmmah yes sir .. ^ ^

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