Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


1. When the girl quietly, means many things he was thinking.
2. When the girl again no interest in debate, means that she is thinking deeply.
3. When girls look at you with eyes full of questions, meant he was thinking how much longer you'll be around.
4. When girls answer you: "I'm fine" after a few seconds, meaning he was not entirely good.
5. When a woman stares at you, means she is wondering why you lied to him.
6. When a woman put her hand on your chest, it means he wants you forever.
7. When girls call you every day, meaning he was looking for attention.
8. When girls want to see you every day, meaning he would be spoiled.
9. When girls are often the SMS you every day, meaning he expects the SMS can be answered
10. When girls say "I LOVE U" means he is honest.
11. When the girl said: "I can not live without you", meaning he has decided to make your partner for its future.
12. When girls say "I miss you ", meaning no one is more honest of them (at that time).

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