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Large breasts

In a study conducted at the University of Vienna, the researchers found that 24 percent of the breast is less sensitive than smaller breasts.

"Maybe because the nerves that transmit sensation from the nipple is too tight," said Dr. Alan Matarasso, MD, a plastic surgeon in New York City.

Big breasted women fondle technique is to stimulate the outside of her breasts, just below the armpit, either with tongue or fingers.

"Breasts have many nerve endings big, huge nipple is also more sensitive, so do not be too aggressive when given an attack," added Dr. Matarasso.

Small breasts

Small breasts tend to be sensitive to stimulation. Dark circle surrounding the nipple (areola) is actually more sensitive than the nipple itself. Focusing mainly on the upper quadrant of her breast (10:00 to 14:00 o'clock quadrant). This is the most sensitive part of her breasts. You can also use your palms to gently squeeze and play with during sex.

Breast wilt

Withered breast is less sensitive to stimulation. Ask the couple to lie on his back. This allows her breasts to shift upward and to the outer side, reducing strain on the nerves, and help her focus on sexual pleasure.

Breast implants

If done correctly, breast implants will not interfere with sensation. Concentrate the attack on the surface of her breasts. Use your tongue to create a circular or spiral motion gradually until towards the nipple.

Breast new mom

Sensitivity of new mom nipples become tender. Therefore, focus your attacks on the outside-which is usually ignored. Treat it gently for he felt good after a day of feeding.

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  1. walah, ternyata payudara pun memiliki tingkat sensitivitas yang berbeda-beda, ya, mas seniman.


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