Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Flower Girls

  • The true beauty of a thing lies in its simplicity. The more you make it fancy the more it loses its natural vibe of beauty and elegance. The real splendor of attire is in its natural elegance. Flower Girls are the focal beauty of a wedding as they add natural grandeur to the event through their innocence and angelic looks. When it comes to Flower girl dresses, some times there is an intentional effort required to keep the dress simple. But of course, it is also on the discretion of bride and the groom that how they want their wedding over all look to be. After all the experimentation and fancier version of weddings and girl dresses in it, people are again reverting to the natural look, identifying the depth of it.

The people involved in the wedding arrangement realize that it is not an easy task to keep the flower girl dresses simple. The little girls have their own wishes and fancy fantasies to be added to their fantasy dresses and brides have their own unique ideas. But if the classic formula of simplicity is applied decision making can be much less time consuming and dress selection could be a very easy job.

When it comes to choosing dress for the little flower girls there are few significant consideration required to be bared in mind. Firstly, it is important that you choose a comfortable fabric for the flower girl dress which they do not find itchy or irritating. When designing girl dress it is important that we do not over do the dress with all the excitement. The main objective should be to enhance their innocence and naturally adorable femininity of the flower girls. I have seen some flower girls gowns with very mature embellishments and styles. They kill the pure soft look of the flower girl and give them a more artificial, glam doll appearance. These few points should be thoroughly considered as it is never easy to keep everything sophisticated and natural. But trust me it saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

There are breathtaking designer flower girl dresses available now. You do not always to drain your brain out to come up with natural elegant dress designs. All you need to do is to do some productive research while keeping in mind what you exactly want. There are both simple and fancy flower girl dresses available in boutiques. Moreover, the unadorned flower dresses can have many interesting add ons to the dress like beautiful silk ribbons and blossoms with contrasting colors. Pleasing sashes with the same or contrasting colors may give the dress more wholesome look. These removable sashes can be worn with other dresses thus, adding utility to the flower dress.

Soft pastel natural colors are the true reflection of the beauty of these petite flower girls. Heavenly colors like pink, white and lemon are the loveliest choices for the flower girl dresses. They can be enhanced with the sophisticated crochet or lace work. Light embellishments of beads and sequins may add stars to the girl

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