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Wage Rudolf Supratman (1903-1938) Composers Lagu Indonesia Raya The high spirit of nationalism led him Wage Rudolf Supratman produce works of high value in the future has become a national movement fighting spirit power. National spirit, a sense of unity and the will for independence in his soul poured in his composition Indonesia Raya song. The song that later became the anthem of this country.

Rejection of his soul towards the occupation, had also wrote in his book entitled Virgin Village. But unfortunately, the national hero who was born March 9, 1903 has been passed on August 17, 1938, before hearing his composition song was played on his beloved country's independence day.

Flashbacks of the birth of Indonesia Raya song itself is started when a time terbacanya an essay in the magazine Occur. Author wreath is against Indonesia's music experts to create the national anthem. Supratman that had been condensed spirit of nationality was challenged. Since then, he began composing songs.

And in 1924 was born the song Indonesia Raya. When the Youth Congress, which gave birth to the congressional Youth Pledge was held in Jakarta in October 1928, is instrumental Supratman his songs were broadcast on the closing night event on October 28, 1928 is. Therein the first time the song was played in public. The song is very inspiring patriotism and even then quickly famous among the national movement.

Since then, when political parties held a congress, Indonesia Raya song, the song that became a kind of embodiment of a sense of unity and the will for independence was always sung. And while Indonesia has gained independence, the freedom fighters to make the song as the national anthem Indonesia Raya. And, Wage Rudolf Supratman who died and was buried in Surabaya on 17 August 1938, be confirmed as a National Hero for all of his services for this beloved homeland.

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