Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

3tips.make girl-loves-you

How to make a girl love you? If you can answer this question every-time you meet a girl, you would be rich, at least in love. Right now, you just don't seem to make it to the point, and it frustrates you. So, what should you do?

The key is to personalize. Are you one of those guys who show the same style to every girl you meet? Is it because you are not creative or just plain lazy? Maybe you are just selfish and all you want is what you want.

Whichever your reason (whether or not stated above), you should not be the same to every girl you meet, unless you meet the same kind of girl every-time. So you either aim for the same kind of girl, or you change your ways as appropriate.

1. Aim for someone you are compatible with. The first step in ensuring your success is that you find someone whom you know you will be compatible with. Of course, you would not know how compatible until you get into it, but that is not necessary. A feeling that can let you know you will be compatible with her to some extent is at least enough.

The number one reason you are failing so far may be due to your wrong targeting. Worst, you go get any girl that comes your way. This is totally wrong and it is wasting your time.

You want to know how to make a girl love you because you are romantic, but you do need to be realistic at the beginning. Or else you risk failing and not even knowing why, and then you repeat you errors with the next girl.

2. Treat her the way she wants to be treated. When you have found the right person, treat her the way she wants to be treated. What this means is that don't be generic. This way, you will learn more about her, because you do need to know more about her if you are to personalize your approach towards her.

3. Allow space for her to think and respond. Don't be overzealous or impatient; less you might lose her altogether. Leave her some space so that she can evaluate you for herself and let her express herself toward you in her own way. Be patient in learning how to make a girl love you. You don't lose anything by being patient.

If you think you have no time for this, consider the time you spend on wooing a girl only to get rejected and then have this whole process repeating over and over. That is not just wasting your time but your emotions as well. In the mean-time, you may be earning yourself an undesirable reputation among your circle of friends or others. But if you get smart and change your ways, these experiences may not be in vain. You use the above points, and you will see yourself scoring points when you can actually make a girl love you.

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