Senin, 27 September 2010


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Fertility blossomed in the recesses of my niche and I'll reap the seeds of wheat, then tied him up and handed them out to those who hunger.
Passion soul soul fertilize again this vines, which I'll wring his
Then pour again to those who thirst.

Heaven fill it with oil lamps, and after I put the lights on the window sill to enlighten those who pass in order to penetrate the darkness. And if
The time my way, it will undoubtedly I'll pick my death BY ... ... ...
Because such deaths are better than human beings humiliated, or poet who was
Exiled in the community.
Human frenzy like a typhoon, while I lamented the silence: while I found no matter how raging storm subsided trough time is swallowed, whereas complained
My complaining lenggeng to go and reach god.
Meanwhile, another man held the treasure that freeze like snow, I chose the embers of love for her in the chest can be sowed; for me can sear unrest .. because I know exactly how much treasure can kill people without pain
Perceived, but instead turn on human love.
While humans are divided into groups and ethnic tribes, and serve the country and region. And I chose to put myself as a resident alien to each country, selecting isolated from anyone.
And from that all I really know very well that the earth is indeed ALL my homeland and all mankind are the relatives.
And just stupidity alone is encouraging people divided into various kingdoms and domestic servants.
I dedicate myself only SONGS mourning. And I listened to songs of hope from the bottom of my heart that contains slowly; "as love hearts build lives through suffering, so is ignorance that leads us on the road tomorrow's road woes. AND timeless wisdom did not create something for nothing in the world "

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