Rabu, 29 September 2010


Men sometimes do not understand why women get so weird when the guy started talking to them how good another woman. Although the other woman in question had a myriad of advantages and sightings of a woman still feel that this man began to decrease attention and even more attention to other women. What is with this guy so can not speak about another woman to the woman he loved?. The answer could be, but you guy have to create the effect of bias.

When you talk about the advantages of other women then end by discussing the shortage of women who really you do not like or end with resentment and dislike you to the woman, although for reasons that seem irrational in your views. Things like this usually will create the impression on the woman you love that you are not comparing themselves. As information for the man, the woman is abstinence for comparison and women always feel that he is very aware of this.

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