Rabu, 29 September 2010


Art is one means of fixing the relationship between human culture. According to archaeological science, everything made by human being called a work of art. But according to the terminology, all the work of man can not be regarded as art. Meanwhile, the spectacular works of man referred to as art, since the past until now.
In addition, the work of a person has a direct relationship with any confidence the community or communities where the person is located. The beauty is the points earned by every art in various civilizations. In addition, beauty has an important role in every work of art. However, the works of art in various countries and civilizations have values of beauty are different from each other. Art China, Iran, Christian, Muslim and other arts have their respective characteristics.
When a particular country's name appears after the word art, then this indicates that the artwork is related to that country. If the word art was imbued with the name of one religion, then the artwork is from a culture of religion.
When we talk about Islamic art, will undoubtedly occurred to each one that art has the hallmark of Islam, and contains cultural and religious values of this. However, most linguists and art is often called the art of Islam with other terms, such as Arabic or Iranian art. Thus, this phenomenon indicates that Islamic art can not be separated from the local character and culture.

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