Rabu, 29 September 2010


Men sometimes do not quite understand How easily angry with a woman. Women and men tend to be angry with each thing that did not satisfy them. The difference is if you're angry woman is not like it when the man went along with anger. While men have always felt that the right to be angry is the right and wrong it is entitled dimarah. As a result he always looked angry or not it is in the glasses who is right and who is wrong. While the woman is not so, for those who are right and wrong is not important than what they think. Women need more angry when they really feel it while the guy who always thinks proper angry. This often makes a big mess when there is a problem among men, although women adan actually a problem it is just a small problem. Therefore, O man, if you are really concerned then let a woman first and then vent his anger after he was let go before you refer to who is actually a decent looking angry (quite funny too, if it turns out then you deserve a man who really angry, so after talking all right who is wrong, you then immediately started scolding: lol:)
To the man This list can you make it longer if you want, I just deliver the core, ie Art Love it depends how men understand what women liked and disliked women. So this list is more impressive varied because the woman you love that's not the same as each other. Sign me fully is what I see from some women and well as the methodology has a major flaw to be generalized. he he he keep what's the point?

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